Business Storm Cycle Assessment

Can your company survive the tornados and avalanches of the business cycle?

Technology alone will not ensure your organization survives the many ups and downs of the Business Storm Cycle – from startup, to rapid growth, to deceleration and back again...

The only sure-fire method for maintaining high profitability amidst these profit tornados and avalanches is to effectively integrate your processes with technology to empower your people to work better, faster and smarter.

IT is be the backbone that helps your back office weather the volatile storms of the business cycle, but a backbone can’t do its job unless rest of the skeleton is properly connected. When the people in your organization, the processes they employ and the technology they utilize aren’t properly synergized and scaled for every phase, you’re actually increasing their workload instead of streamlining it, ultimately setting your business up for failure.

Inspired by my new book Surviving the Business Storm Cycle: How to Weather Your Business’s Ups and Downs, this assessment determines if your business will survive and thrive based on how well your people, processes and technology are integrated. Along with your results, you’ll receive tips on how to ensure these three key elements of business success work together as efficiently as possible to help your organization weather any storm. Completing it only takes a few minutes of your time, and what you discover could save you big in lost productivity!