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Dave Hopson knows that every company begins as a startup in some way, moves on to accelerated growth, and eventually the growth slows, and then the cycle begins again. He learned to recognize each phase before it happens and that each piece of the cycle has very different needs. Dave took this model and applied it to the phases that a business goes through.

Where is Your Business in the Storm Cycle?

From rapid growth tornados to declaration avalanches, can your company survive?

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Years of Dedication

Dave Hopson has focused his career and growing expertise on helping businesses thrive.

Dave is the authority on preparing your business for the cycles to come. He can spot deficiencies in each of the three care elements of your company and implement solutions that will help your people, processes, and technology work in harmony through times of new beginnings, rapid growth, or deceleration.

Applying The Cycle Theory of Business

Dave has researched how to make a company’s three key elements scalable for each predictable stage of the business cycle. With this practical and strategic preparation, a company is much more likely to survive the “tornados” and “avalanches” of the cycle. Many companies throw new technology into mix when they reach a new stage of acceleration. Without considering what changes need to be made to the people and processes, the new technology may not help, and it may even make the situation less efficient and less profitable.

Common Business Symptoms

These are examples of identifiable symptoms that alert you when a business has hit the point where they can’t seem to keep up with their own growth.

Your back office can’t meet your front office’s needs

Your revenue is good but your margins are dropping

Your Information Technology (IT) department is floundering

Transitioning from startup to successful enterprise is always challenging. At the very point that your company hits an exciting growth phase, your back office may fail to keep pace. It’s not your fault if you find yourself in that situation; it’s just part of the normal business curve.

Dave’s experience allows him to deliver broad-based expertise to companies at every phase of the business cycle, which helps him: diagnose problems, outline practical, data-driven solutions, and deliver that solution for your company.

Surviving the Business Storm Cycle

Dave delivers the case for investing upfront in your technology, people and process
along with how to save you time and money down the road.

How to Weather Your Business’s Ups and Downs

Every business across every industry has one thing in common. To stay successful they must always be looking for ways to become better, faster, and smarter. A business’s IT is a huge contributing factor to the company’s efficiency and success, but technology can’t do it alone. The only way to stay highly profitable is to provide your people with processes that are integrated with technology that allow them to become better, faster, smarter.

What Other’s Are Saying

Explore some of the experiences that people have had while working with Dave Hopson.

Kevin Ellisor
Partner at Alitek Response Solutions

“David was instrumental in our efforts around SOX Compliance and in establishing a standardized Project Management process. His experiences from previous employers allowed him to bring fresh ideas to the table for our company. He has a great energy level and drive. He kept the rest of us moving at times.”

Scott Williamson
Chief Commercial Officer, ValuD Consulting

“I’ve talked for years about cycles in business, but my perspective has always focused on the invisible hand of the market. Dave’s perspective of incorporating Arthur Schlesinger’s theory of history/politics where different cycles are self-generating and autonomous and have more to do with the mood of the population and less to the leader ‘wowed’ me! There is a powerful message in Dave’s cycle theory that has less to do with the leader and more with how the leader responds to the mood people/market.”