Surviving the Business Storm Cycle:

How to Weather Your Business’s Ups and Downs

There’s no escaping the Business Storm Cycle. What separates those businesses that stay afloat from those that go under? Whether your enterprise is currently caught up in the spin cycle of the hypergrowth phase he calls the Tornado, or getting hammered by the falling profits and shrinking margins of the Avalanche phase, understanding the Business Storm Cycle will help you to weather the worst and plan productively for the future.

Based on his 30 years of experience in helping businesses like yours, Dave makes the case for understanding the intersection between technology, people, and process, and spells out how investing upfront in your company’s technology will save you money, time, and trouble down the road. Only the smart survive; don’t let your business get swept away. Learn the secrets of scalability, and how to apply them to right-size your enterprise in any scenario.

Where Are You In The Business Storm Cycle?

In business as in life, the only thing that’s certain is change – and understanding the phase you’re in is critical to surviving and thriving. Where are you in the Business Storm Cycle – and what’s coming up? That knowledge can make the difference between riches and ruin, because every phase is different, demanding a fresh strategy and new approaches – and failing to plan is planning to fail. In this dynamic talk, Dave will focus on helping you understand where you’re at and how to effectively plan for the next phase – via technology, processes, and people – to insure that your enterprise can withstand the buffeting headwinds of growth as well as the doldrums of the consolidation phase.

What’s Required for NERC Compliance?

Ensuring the security and safety of the electric grid is critical to our nation’s protection, and NERC’s mandatory Reliability Standards address the security of cyber assets essential to its dependable operation. If your company is required to abide by NERC, Dave has the experience and knowledge you need to cut through the confusing tangle of regulations and requirements to get to compliance. If NERC standards have recently been made mandatory for your company, chances are you’re in a high growth phase of your business and fulfillment of them is particularly challenging. Dave’s been there and done that, and in this talk, he’ll reveal how to best put your resources to work to develop procedures and plans that ensure you’re in compliance and can stay that way. Don’t risk your company’s healthy growth and future; know what you’ve got to do, to do your part.

“Dave is the kind of no-nonsense, prescient, sophisticated individual that you want to work with. I love his sense of humor and his ability to disarm. I followed Triumphus into my new position and I will never regret taking the leap into consulting to join them.”

James Cabe
Sr. Technical Strategist

Where is Your Business in the Storm Cycle?

From rapid growth tornados to declaration avalanches, can your company survive?

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“I’ve known Dave for 5 years. I’ve found him to be one of the most competent IT pros in the industry. I find myself telling people about Dave, because I see problems in their IT strategy that he can remedy. He is truly a ‘get the job done’ individual who doesn’t waste time with corp politics and image. This is one person that you definitely want on your team”

Neelu Modali

CEO, S M Resources Corporation

“David is dynamic and well organized. He is a highly effective and has a great attitude. A leader.”

Jim Kennedy

“Dave has superb leadership skills and does not hesitate to make decisions. He is a great team builder and helps his people grow with sound honest advice.”

Connie Marlow

Administrative and Wellness Consultant, Devon Energy

“David was instrumental in our efforts around SOX Compliance and in establishing a standardized Project Management process. His experiences from previous employers allowed him to bring fresh ideas to the table for our company. He has a great energy level and drive. He kept the rest of us moving at times.”

Kevin Ellisor

Partner, Alitek Response Solutions