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Business Success
with my Storm Cycle Model

My book, Surviving the Business Storm Cycle, provides practical strategies on how to:

  • Recognize the current Storm Cycle phase of your business
  • Learn how to react to each phase (each requires a different approach!)
  • Better equip your people, processes, and technology for long-term success

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Cycles are beautiful in nature;

it is no surprise that they are also observed in the business world. Learn my secrets to surviving the business life cycle!

About Dave Hopson

Dave Hopson dedicated his life’s work to helping businesses survive. He is an intuitive and practical thinker who knows just what needs to be done behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly up front. By applying Cycle Theory to businesses, he has identified predictable phases and transition points that all businesses must navigate. IT plays an essential role in the cycle that Dave has identified—but he knows that people and processes are equally as important to a business’s success.

“For some reason it seems we often have to be reminded of the fundamentals before we can resume moving forward. In Surviving the Business Cycle Storm, Dave does just that. He reminds us that the ups and downs are normal and encourages us to be objective about what phase of the cycle we are facing now. Once known, he reminds us that technology alone won’t help allow us to ride the tornado to new heights or overcome the avalanche’s downward pull. Only investing in people and process ALONG WITH technology will help us outlast the storms. Take Dave’s lessons to heart, and you’ll be ahead of the weather!”

Richard M. Scruggs

Principal, Winston Sage Partners

“It never ceases to amaze me how often we lose our grip on results. Dave’s ideas will cure that. He paints a clear line about how to combine innovative with practical and make real things happen. Take a look at what Dave has to say, get ready to go to work and get results.”

Tom Franklin

Global Director, Tata Consultancy Services - Petroleum Center of Excellence