About Dave Hopson,Ph.D.

Dave Hopson has dedicated his life’s work to helping businesses survive. He is an intuitive and practical thinker who knows just what needs to be done behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly up front. By applying Cycle Theory to businesses, he has identified predictable phases and transition points that all businesses must navigate. IT plays an essential role in the cycle that Dave has identified—but he knows that people and processes are equally as important to a business’s success.

IT plays an essential role in the cycle that Dave has identified—but he knows that people and processes are equally as important to a business’s success.

Personal Experience

Dave comes from both a military and academic background, giving him well-rounded and practical expertise in his field. A medically retired US Marine, Dave served as Team Leader for the USMC 3rd Recon, specializing in anti-terrorism, hostage rescue, special ops logistical planning, and training. As a Marine, he learned the importance of what happens out of the public eye; Marines know how to go in unnoticed, do their jobs well, and get out undetected. He compares this to the role of IT within a company, invaluable yet mostly unseen.

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In addition to his military experience, Dave also holds three degrees– a BS in Political Science, a MAIS, and a Ph.D. He has also published several books during his time honing his education.

While earning his PhD, he studied under Peter Drucker, who is considered to be “the founder of the modern management” and Jacek Kugler, founder of Power Transition Theory. During this time, he was first introduced to the common cycles that each business goes through, which would later become the basis of his own theories on how to survive the business cycles.

Dave’s theory was further developed during two other stages of his growing career. First, he was exposed to the concept of power transitions as detailed by Jacek Kugler. The combination of business cycles and power transitions is the foundation of his book The IT Transition Tornado: Surviving Business Cycles and Profit Cyclones. Dave went on to see these theories put to practice while working with several start-ups. He understood the upside of the curve, where you reach the acceleration point and that if you are not prepared, it can ruin your business. The practical application of this would grow once he realized that it wasn’t only happening in tech companies and that many businesses will run through these cycles over and over again.

Dave is currently the managing partner at Triumphus, which offers IT consulting services from startup through exponential growth to IPO. Before building Triumphus, he held executive-level IT roles with Union Carbide Corp, BHP Billiton, and Devon Energy. His experience enables him to align people, process, and technology to create an efficient and seamless technology group.